Sunlight, clover leaf and pine

...but other lands have sunlight too, and clover....

23 October
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I'm a Quaker, feminist mother at home to an eleven year old boy ("Doodle") with learning differences, and am married to pcc_car. I love living in Philadelphia and also venturing forth to other places, from beach to woods to city center, in the U.S. or abroad, and I have to take pictures everywhere. At home, I read, futz around with my photos, do scrapbooking, beading, fiber arts, and other such projects, and assiduously avoid housework as best I can. The factors that shaped my childhood the most were Quakerism, growing up with siblings close in age, and living in many different places including Trinidad in the West Indies, New York City, rural and suburban Pennsylvania. The biggest influences on my current life are (still) Quakerism, parenting a child with learning differences, living in the city, and, increasingly, my photography. My biggest challenges are breaking out of my introverted shell and motivating myself to finish projects, whether creative or mundane (decluttering--ugh). My greatest strengths are creativity and caring about the world, from family and friends to every last living thing in the environment.
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